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Force-run a program as a regular user in Windows

Aug 01, 2019

windows uac

Ever had a program that keeps asking for administrator rights to run even though you know it doesn’t need them? I hate when developers are too lazy to do things the right way and figure “I’ll just run as the admin and then do what I need to do!” Yeah, great idea, nevermind the giant security issues it poses or the fact that regular users like employees can’t use the program anymore! I could continue, but I’ll say something nasty. Let’s bypass this unnecessary admin request.

Easy internet access for Hyper-V guests using NAT

Jan 03, 2019

hyper-v NAT networking virtualization

Sometimes you need your guest VMs to have secure access to the internet and your host machine without all the fuss and complexity of typical Hyper-V networking. Here’s an easy way to do just that by creating a separate NAT virtual network.

Hyper-V Default Switch -- easy LAN/internet access for guest VMs

Dec 04, 2018

hyper-v NAT networking virtualization

Although it’s been around for a while, the Hyper-V Default Switch is often misused or not given the credit it actually deserves. Let’s take a quick look at what it does, how it works and when you should use it.

Fix Your Disappearing OneDrive

Jun 17, 2018

onedrive windows

Recently, I’ve had my OneDrive seem to uninstall or break itself.  That’s annoying.  The icon in Explorer reverts to a regular folder and nothing syncs because the client program isn’t running in the background.  Fortunately, it’s an easy fix and everything resets itself without a restart.  Here’s the quick and dirty way to get it done…

Remote Desktop and CredSSP remediation error

May 17, 2018

remote-access rdp security windows windows-server

Starting with the May cumulative Windows 10/Server 2016 update, you may have run into a CredSSP error when trying to connect via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to another computer.

One Windows server, multiple IPs

Feb 28, 2014

DNS networking tcp-ip windows-server SBS

Sometimes, especially on a Small Business Server (SBS) machine, you will run into a situation where having more than one IP address linked to your server is very helpful.  This especially applies if you are only using one NIC in your machine and need to address it ‘logically’ by several IPs.

Add another drive to Windows Backup

Feb 27, 2014

backup windows windows server

Backing up to one drive is just silly.  Everyone knows you have to rotate your backups, so why does Windows Backup make this so difficult?  Command-line to the rescue, it’s actually really easy…