My Techie-Thoughts

I'm doing a big behind-the-scenes makeover to make this site faster and easier to maintain. Unfortunately, that means it'll be offline for a few days. That's also why you haven't seen as many updates from me in the past few weeks. But, that's all going to change! After the re-launch, I'll be posting a ton of articles I've been saving for the new site.

Spoiler: I'm moving away from WordPress and using HUGO on the new site. I'll be doing an entire series documenting the move and how you can set up a super-efficient static site with some cool pseudo-dynamic features on HUGO for your own site too :-) See, I told you, lots of good stuff coming!

Thanks for dropping by, I know this page isn't exactly what you were expecting. But, this site will be back soon and better than before!

see you soon!

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