About Me

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Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out this little collection of My Techie-Thoughts! I’m Asif and I’ve been tackling various tech-related projects ranging from simple PC builds all the way up to complex multi-location virtual network deployments over the last nearly 20 years! Wow, that’s a long time and now I feel old...

I started with DOS 3.3 on a 80286 (ummm, I feel old again...), survived the transition to Windows 3.1, WFW, Windows 95/98/ME and all the NT variations we know and maybe kinda love today. A few years back I started getting into Debian/Ubuntu and also BSD for business-grade firewall implementations. Along the way I’ve tried my hand at “programming” in QBasic, VisualBasic, Delphi (remember that???), all kinds of C variations, .NET, PHP, Java/JavaScript and I’m currently learning GO and the whole cluster**** that is NodeJS/Angular/etc. Oh, and I also dabble in website design!

My techie-passion has always been with hardware though and with easy, efficient system administration and actual usability. I’ve never had a big budget to work with – actually it’s usually been literally only a few dollars here and there. So that’s how this all got started: I needed to start writing down how I got recent projects done on a shoestring budget so I could go back and duplicate it when I had the opportunity to actually charge real money :-P

In the meantime, I figured why not share it all with you for free so maybe you can solve a few annoying problems of your own, get some ideas for tech-related projects or just learn something new. So, I hope you find something useful here or maybe shoot me a few ideas of problems you’d like me to tackle and write-up. Either way, thanks again for stopping by!