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Secure your Linux console and SSH with 2FA (TOTP)

May 17, 2019

debian ubuntu security sudo

Passwords are great and a strong password is definitely the first line of defense against unauthorized access. But, if you think your Facebook account is important enough to warrant another layer of security so people can’t hack pictures you posted about your lunch, then surely you can understand why your Linux console could use another security wrapper too, right? Let’s add second factor authentication (2FA) to your console, su, sudo and SSH access all in just a few easy steps.

Installing sudo on a Debian/Ubuntu system and understanding sudoers

Jan 10, 2019

admin-tools administration debian ubuntu sudo sudoers

If you’ve been using Linux for any amount of time or even just getting your feet wet in the world of administering a Linux system, you’ve definitely seen references to ‘sudo’ or been told to use ‘sudo’ when executing certain commands. But, what is ‘sudo’, why should you use it and how do you install and set it up?