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Get rid of SSH unknown server authentication prompts by using SSHFP

Oct 13, 2019

ssh dns remote-access

The most annoying and consistently ignored prompt when using SSH is that stupid “The authenticity of host blah, blah, blah can’t be established” and then a fingerprint that no one ever has or ever will bother to authenticate. Be honest, you’ve skipped this message more times than you can count and just answer ‘yes’ so you can get on with life, right? Maybe it’s time we changed that.

Setting up SSH with ED25519 user and host keys for easy, secure access

Jan 15, 2019

administration debian ubuntu ed25519 remote-access ssh sshd

If you’re running a Linux system, you need SSH access. It’s just a fact for any administrator. More over, you need quick, secure access with a minimum of security prompts. It’s not hard to get that set up and use the latest elliptical-curve security to boot!