Setting up a Static IP on a Debian machine

There are lots of times when you need a static IP on a machine — especially virtual machines or server systems. It’s pretty simple on a Debian system and can make your life much easier on Debian VMs so you can set up name resolution between the host and guest. Regardless of your reasons, we only have to edit a few files and run a few simple commands.


One server, multiple IPs

Sometimes, especially on a Small Business Server (SBS) machine, you will run into a situation where having more than one IP address linked to your server is very helpful.  This especially applies if you are only using one NIC in your machine and need to address it ‘logically’ by several IPs.  What situations is this useful for?  Well, how about a Database server application that wants it’s own independent IP address?  A SPAM filter/separate Mail-Transfer-Agent (MTA)?  Of course, I probably don’t need to give you examples, you’re reading this because you already have a reason for multiple IPs on a single NIC and just want to know how to make it work properly! (more…)

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