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  • Help desk horror stories??? What are you talking about? (Intro)

If you’ve done IT support for any length of time, like even 5 minutes helping out your folks, then you’ve run into your share of horror stories.  But, how do you (properly and professionally) handle these situations and explain them to your end users?  What answers do you give them when they ask a valid, if not mundane, question?  I’ve compiled some great answers to the most common questions I get so that you can steal them and use them too, or just laugh at the questions people ask the support-guy!

I’ll be adding to this series on no fixed schedule at all, just whenever I feel like it and don’t have more interesting stuff to write about.  So check back every once in a while to see if anything has been added 🙂  Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hit me up on the contact page or in the comments on this or any other post in this series and give me questions you’ve run into, need help answering or just share some of your own answers/answers you really wish you hadn’t given (hahaha).

This should be fun…

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