Asif waving helloHey there, thanks for dropping by my collection of random techie-thoughts!  I’m Asif and I’ve been in the tech game for nearly 20 years. I started out wayyyy back in the ’90s with MS-DOS 3.3 and an 80286 computer (yeah, go ahead and re-read that if you have to).  After mastering the DOS command-line and some batch files, I tried my hand at programming in QBasic and later in Visual Basic, C++ and C#.  But that never stuck.  Turns out I liked building systems way more and that’s how my journey really began.

I’m a system and network builder, integrator and administrator at heart so that’ll be the focus of this site.  I’ve worked with DOS from version 3.3, all Windows versions (starting from 3.0 and all NT lines right up to the current ones) and am enthusiastically embracing Linux (Debian mostly) and OpenBSD as I work more and more on networking projects.  I’m also an Android guy… sorry iOS fans!

I’ve never worked for a big company, I’ve always been self-employed and working for other small companies.  That’s how I’ve learned to tackle virtually every project on a ‘shoestring budget’.

I hope you find some use for the stuff I post here.  It’s a collection of my random adventures and how I solved problems.  Shoot me a message in the contact section if there’s something driving you insane and maybe you can be my next project!  Until then, thanks for dropping by!

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